What is Digital Humanization and Why is it Important?

Nov 23, 2022

Digital disruptors, such as Uber, Retail, Amazon, and Alibaba, introduced new and innovative business models that many once considered impossible.

They created a significant advantage in cost, selection, immediacy, and level of service. 

However, digital leaders don't stand out as much when it comes to caring about, listening to, and being on the side of their customers.

Emotional Connection Matters

The connection between the consumer and the brand drives loyalty.

As well as the company's principles, digital content should represent the brand promise. Are they all equally understood, articulated, and repeatable? Are they evident in your design and content?

As Chris Tella noted in this article, if a business wants to provide a positive and sustainable customer experience, it must pay attention to these 3 aspects - structural, conversational, and philosophical.

  1. Structural - going online to get some information and getting only irrelevant content. Or, even worse, getting redirected to a chatbot that doesn’t quite understand what you’re after.
  2. Conversational - having a site that feels quite different from the branding message, or having a lot of sales messages. 
  3. Philosophical - does the company's mission emphasize focus on the customer? Is it even among the values that are cherished?

Create User Personas

How do you know if you are addressing your target audience in a good way? Are you clearly communicating your values and is your site aligned with them?

User personas can help you a lot with that.

Basically, personas are useful so that you always have a specific character in mind when creating digital products.

It is a fictional person, to whom you have given a name and occupation, traits, and interests, which your ideal customer should have.

Empathy is a core value if you want to make something good for the people who are going to use it. Personas help you to create understanding and empathy with the customers.

The Bottom Line

If customers are not emotionally attached to your brand, you will not gain their loyalty.

Digital transformation has greatly helped the business of many companies, but if people do not feel as if they are talking to a human when accessing your site, chances are high that they will quickly leave the site.

The most important thing is that your site is easy to use and that all important information can be easily found and understood.