Factory and Fenix Physiotherapy Center Partner to Prioritize Employee Well-being

Mar 30, 2023

At Factory, we are committed to creating a healthy and productive work environment for our employees. We believe that our employees' well-being is crucial to their success and happiness, which is why we have partnered with Fenix Physiotherapy Center to provide a range of physiotherapy services to our team.

Recently, we had the pleasure of welcoming Vuk, the founder of Fenix Physio Center, to our office. Vuk shared valuable insights into how we can improve our working environment to be more ergonomic and beneficial for our spine and posture. We asked many questions and learned practical tips to apply in our daily work routine.

Fenix Physiotherapy Center is known for its high-quality physiotherapy services, chiropractic care, rehabilitation, and mobility training. By collaborating with Factory, the aim is to provide Factory's employees with the benefits of physiotherapy to reduce stress, tension, and improve posture, circulation, and strength.

The benefits of physiotherapy are well-known and widely accepted by the medical community. Regular physiotherapy sessions can help individuals maintain good health, prevent injuries, and recover from injuries or surgeries. By offering these services to its employees, Factory is taking an important step towards ensuring the physical and mental well-being of its workforce.

Employees who spend a considerable amount of time sitting in front of a computer are at a higher risk of developing musculoskeletal disorders. The prolonged sitting position leads to poor posture, which can cause neck and back pain, headaches, and even carpal tunnel syndrome. Physiotherapy can help employees maintain proper posture, reduce muscle tension, and alleviate pain caused by long hours of sitting.

The partnership with Fenix Physiotherapy Center is an essential step towards prioritizing the health and well-being of our employees. By adding this new benefit to our employees' package, we are providing them with the resources they need to take care of themselves physically and mentally. We believe that investing in our employees' health will lead to increased productivity, job satisfaction, and a positive work culture. Let's continue to make employee health a priority and set an example for other companies to follow.