Digital Transformation Is a New Way of Life

Jul 26, 2022

Digital transformation is the process of using digital technologies to improve a business.

Especially since the emergence of Covid-19, the digital transformation trend is getting stronger.

This article will explain digital transformation and why it is a must in 2022.

What is Digital Transformation and Why is it Important?

Digital transformation requires the implementation of internet-based tools and technologies.  

Your organization has to meet the wants and needs of its stakeholders. Automation speeds up processes and reduces errors. 

It also shifts workers' attention away from repeatable tasks. That way they can do higher-value actions that machines can't do.

Artificial intelligence further transforms an organization by analyzing data sets to pinpoint problems. Learning from analysis identifies new opportunities that can increase revenue.

COVID Killed the Outdated Businesses

The pandemic has affected the economy around the world. Many businesses didn't survive it.

Those who have survived owe it to their acceptance of cutting-edge technology. And there are quite a few companies that were doing better than ever during Corona.

The arrival of new technologies allowed businesses to improve their service. These are artificial intelligence, big data, automation, and the Internet of Things (IoT).

Digital transformation requires moving your business from on-premises systems to cloud solutions. 

By using big data, companies can learn about consumer behavior. Collaborative tools are ideal for easier communication. 

Also, process automation cuts down manual labor. 

The Benefits of Digital Transformation

Remote work

The pandemic has conditioned working from home. 

Businesses that did not accept digital transformation on time couldn't continue working.

The others realized that it is possible to work from anywhere, on any device. Provided that the system is well organized and - digitalized!


The old way of doing business, where everything is done manually, consumes your employees' time. That time could be spent more creatively.

Also, your business can fail due to human errors.

Enhanced data collection

Most businesses are collecting a lot of customer data. But optimizing this data for analysis can drive the business forward. 

Digital transformation creates a system that can translate raw data into valuable insights. The most important are customer journey, operations, production, finance, and business opportunities. 

A better customer experience

Customers have high expectations for digital experiences. Consumers are used to having endless choices, low prices, and fast delivery. 

Digital transformation can deliver more seamless, intuitive experiences for your customers. 

This includes email communication, user portals, various digital products, etc.

Prove that you value your customers' privacy. Give them control of how their data is collected and used.

Increased profits 

Companies that undergo digital transformation improve efficiency and profitability.

80% of organizations that have completed digital transformation report increased profits.

Conclusion: The Benefits of Digital Transformation

If you want to make a profit, you cannot ignore the urgent need for digitalization. The digital age is our new reality. You need to be where your customers are, and that's online.

Digital transformation is not about technology, it’s about the people.

Invest in your team and ensure they have the support required to learn new digital skills.